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5 OAuth Essentials for API Access Control

Mit OAuth kann der Benutzer den Zugriff an eine API delegieren. So kann fr diesen Benutzer ein Service in einen anderen integriert werden.

Agile Data Masking for a Faster, More Secure Enterprise

Data masking has long been a key component of enterprise data security strategies. However, legacy masking tools could not deliver secure data, undermining their... more

Using MedHx to Reduce Medication Reconciliation Time by More than 80%

For hospitals, medication reconciliation is critical to quality patient care. Obtaining a complete and accurate list of the patients medications sets the cornerstone... more
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In the past two years, businesses desire to understand and connect with the mobile user has grown and expanded throughout nearly every vertical market. We created this project as a way to understand the mindset, demographics, and behaviors that drive mobile engagement so that we can advise businesses on how to do it right and how to avoid doing it wrong. This research report is based on a global study of more than 5,800 mobile device owners, and as such, is the most comprehensive primary research report ever done on mobile engagement.