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Consolidating Remote Servers and Storage for Security, Efficiency

A new kind of storage architecture allows IT to consolidate remote servers and data in the data center by decoupling storage from its server over any distance and... more

Reinventing the rules of engagement: CEO insights from the Global C-suite Study

In the face of runaway innovation, there are leaders in every industry and region who are determined to push ahead and be the source of innovations that change our... more

Magic Quadrant for Secure Web Gateways

Malware detection and cloud services are two areas of continuing disparity among SWG vendors. Our market analysis of the vendors highlights key differences in these... more
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The amount of data produced on social media is staggering and so is the potential business value for enterprises that know what to do with it. Your customers are pulling back the curtains to reveal their desires and dislikes, but can your enterprise transform all of that data into actionable insights for people in every department?